Omniscience by Tim Carlson

This was the world premiere production. Omniscience is published by Talon Books and has been produced in Chicago, Lisbon and Berlin among other cities.

Omniscience is a futuristic mystery woven from fragments of electronic surveillance. Based on the classic dystopian themes developed in such works as Nineteen Eighty Four, Fahrenheit 451 and The Handmaid’s Tale, the play is a timely examination of privacy, language and media in the post-9/11 world.

Photos by Tim Matheson (click an image for full size)
Critical Response

Like all treatments of dystopia, Omniscience is provocative, scary and makes us wonder how far down that particular road we have already gone. The real and considerable pleasure lies in Carlson’s treatment and the high production values in Richard Wolfe’s production.

— Jo Ledingham,Vancouver Courier

Carlson’s new dystopian thriller acquires considerable power—enough to shake up its audience and make us look at the scary political forces that are engulfing us. Omniscience is never less than intelligently provocative.

—Colin Thomas,Georgia Straight

Western Conspiracy Theatre’s production of Omniscience is a fine fit between Carlson’s nuanced murder-mystery and the sensibilities of director Richard Wolfe.

— Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

Artistic and Production Personnel
  • Directed and Dramaturged by Richard Wolfe
  • Starring: Camyar Chai, Nicole Leroux, Jennifer Clement and Craig March
  • Set Design by Andreas Kahre
  • Lighting Design by Michael Schaldemose
  • Costume Design by Sandy Buck
  • Sound Design by Chris Hind
  • Vidoegraphy by Flick Harrison
  • Stage Management by David (DK) Kerr