Press Quotes

I’ve taken the following press quotes from published reviews of individual shows. They’re ordered chronologically starting with the most recent production. I’ve included one or two quotes per show.

Fantastic set design by Lauchlin Johnston, excellent projection design by Jamie Nesbitt, and standout performances by Jennifer Lines, Kerry Sandomirsky, and Nicco Lorenzo Garcia.

– Andrea Warner, The Georgia Straight (Long Division)

All the elements – the acting, staging, lighting and music – come together to make Pi Theatre’s latest offering, The Invisible Hand, an adrenalin-charged thriller that will glue you to the edge of your velvet-plush chair in The Cultch’s Historic Theatre.”

– Lincoln Kaye, The Vancouver Observer (The Invisible Hand)

“I’m telling all of the people I love most to see this show.
Tetsuro Shigematsu’s Empire of the Son is exquisite. It’s also painstakingly honest. In his script, which Shigematsu performs solo, he explores his relationship with his father, Akira. … Physically, the show, which was directed by Richard Wolfe and produced by Donna Yamamoto, is stellar. … I can’t say enough good things about Empire of the Son. It’s bound to be one of the best shows of the year. You should see it.”

Colin Thomas – The Georgia Straight  (Empire of the Son)


“For its 30th anniversary, Pi Theatre has masterfully resurrected a contemporary classic. Blasted, by English playwright Sarah Kane, is the kind of play that forces all the air out of your body and then screams at you to breathe.” – Erika Thorkelson, Vancouver Sun  (Blasted)

“Pi Theatre accomplishes something incredible, crafting one of the rawest, most compellingly emotional pieces of theatre to grace any Vancouver stage this year.”  —Andrea Warner, Westender (House/Home @Hive3)

after the quake is a stunning piece of theatre. It is rare to experience a show where all the elements integrate so well and are so delicious to watch. It’s a delicate feast for the senses. Subtle, tender, and beautiful. I loved it.” —Rachel Scott, Plank Magazine (after the quake)

“Wolfe had tons of fun bringing this thing to life, solving what could be big problems in clever ways. A roiling writer’s cauldron of wit, righteous indignation and audacious inspiration.”
—Cam Fuller, The Star-Phoenix (Bite the Hand)

“Given a great translation by Morwyn Brebner of Evelyne de la Cheneliere’s haunting Quebecois play, actor David Marr and director Richard Wolfe have found a fine way to convey the subtleties of a delicate tale.” —Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun (Bashir Lazhar)

“What does dazzle here is the work of the five performers under the slick, high-tempo direction of Richard Wolfe. It’s one of the funniest plays Vancouver has seen in years.”
—Jerry Wasserman, The Province (Stupidity)

Thom Pain is brainy, stream of consciousness material that’s almost impossible to pull off and it’s the kind of risky theatre that Theatre Conspiracy revels in. Think back to the searing Blue/Orange. Directed by Richard Wolfe, four performances at the PuSh Festival were not nearly enough.”
— Jo Leddingham, The Courier (Thom Pain)

“Richard Wolfe’s Theatre Conspiracy production brings Martin McDonagh’s world vividly alive in all its dark comic grotesquery.” —Jerry Wasserman, The Province (A Skull in Connemara)

“Theatre Conspiracy’s production of Omniscience is a fine fit between Carlson’s nuanced murder-mystery and the sensibilities of director Richard Wolfe.”—The Vancouver Sun (Omniscinece)

“Cleverly staged and well acted, Penhall’s award-winning script deftly welds race issues to office politics, medical ethics and morality without allowing the plot to yield once to grand proclamations that would certainly seem out of place in the tight drama he has crafted…”
—Dan Rowe, Vancouver Sun (Blue/Orange)

“Without a doubt, this production will be one of the smartest, funniest, most compelling shows you’ll have a chance to see this summer.”
—Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight (Blue/Orange)