Visions of Vancouver by Dennis Foon, Kevin Loring, Michele Riml, Michael St. John Smith & Adrian Wong

Through Pi Theatre, I commission four local writers to write four “radio” plays expressing four unique visions of Vancouver. These plays were performed live over two and a half weeks and digitally recorded for Pod-casting. The plays were listened to by people in countries around the world. This resulted in terrific exposure for Vancouver’s 125 celebration, including sustained presence for some of the city’s finest writers and performers.

Oct. 5 – 15, 2011 at Studio 700, Vancouver BC

Photos by Tim Matheson (click an image for full size)




Review Quotes

Thanks to strong writing, solid performances and some clever design ideas, each chapter of Visions of Vancouver offers a tart treat for our 125th birthday. Richard Wolfe directs with a seemingly insouciant air, simply calling on set designer Jergus Oprsal to lay out four elements from stage-left to stage-right and having the actors shift between them, but Wolfe then finesses a fine choreography for each tale.

Peter Birnie – Vancouver Sun

 Artistic and Production Personnel

  • Directed and Dramaturged by Richard Wolfe
  • The plays were The Bridge by Michele Riml & Michael St. John Smith, Elevate by Adrienne Wong, The Dead Line by Dennis Foon and The Thin Veneer by Kevin Loring.
  • Featuring: Carmen Aguirre, Patrick Keating, Jennifer Mawhinney and Shaker Paleja.
  • Set Design by Jergus Oprsal
  • Lighting Design by Jeff Harrison
  • Sound Design by Chris Hind
  • Costume Design by Flo Barrett
  • Stage Managed by Jethelo E. Cabilete