The Meal by Rick Maddocks

Written and conceived by Rick Maddocks, The Lost Gospel Ensemble takes its theatrical song cycle based on the Gnostic gospels of Judas, Mary, Thomas (and from the official gospel of John), to the PuSh Festival’s Club PuSh on February 2, 2011. The show was expanded for a sold out run April 11-14 at Pacific Theatre.

Listen to a song from the show: Where Did You Go?

Photos by Richard Wolfe (click an image for full size)
Critical Response

Chosen as one of the top ten concerts to be seen in Vancouver in 2011 by Stuart Derdeyn of the Province Newspaper

Rick Maddocks of the Beige and the Lost Gospel Ensemble, featuring vocalists Jody Glenham, Corbin Murdoch, Lucien Durey, keyboardist Sean Fulton, bassist/lap steel Jon Wood and drummer Stephen Lyons, presented a song cycle exploring the Gnostic Gospels and Louis Bunuel’s film The Exterminating Angel at the PuSh Festival that was breathtaking. Intensely spiritual and potent choral indie folk that is fortunately being remounted with new material and members at Pacific Theatre.

Stuart Derdeyn – The Province Newspaper

Initially debuting at the 2011 PuSh Festival to transcendent reviews, Pacific Theatre presents an encore performance of the boundary-challenging song cycle, The Meal.  Written by Rick Maddocks, directed by Richard Wolfe and featuring musicians from some of Vancouver’s top indie bands.

Kelsey Klassen – Westender Vancouver

Rick Maddocks’ The Meal was performed tonight at the Pacific Theatre.  It was billed as a ‘gospel funk song cycle” and performed by the Lost Gospel Ensemble. The director was Richard Wolfe with an incredible set and lighting design by Jeff Harrison.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of Jesus Christ Superstar being of an age where Pin Ball reigned. Today the music was definitely more gospel jazz bluesy but hard hitting to the alternative core. The Lost Choir was a half dozen or so powerful  voices functioning almost like the chorus of a Greek play.  Great singing. Moving lyrics. A hush as we left the theatre then the foyer was a buzz with discussion.  Well done!

 William Hay

It seems like nowadays the best things in life are composites from unique sources like fusion food, hybrid cars and mixed-race babies. So why not mix gospel music, surrealism and some of Vancouver’s best indie musicians? Rick Maddocks’ The Meal does just that, bringing back what was called one of Vancouver’s best live performances in 2011 with a guest production at Pacific Theatre.

Katherine Green – Beatroute Magazine


Artistic and Production Personnel

  • Written and Conceived by Rick Maddocks
  • Directed by Richard Wolfe
  • Production Design by Jeff Harrison
  • John was sung by Rick Maddocks
  • Mary was sung by Jody Glenham
  • Judas was sung by Corbin Murdoch (PuSh Festival) and Caleb Stull (Pacific Theatre)
  • Thomas was sung by Lucien Durey
  • maitre d’:  Sebastian Kroon
  • Guitars: Jon Wood
  • Drums: Stephen Lyons
  • Keyboards: Sean Fulton
  • Choir: Belinda Bruce, Connie Kostiuk, Kathleen Nisbet, Sarah Redmond, Katheryn Peterson, Joey Mallett, Adam Henderson, Julia Henderson. Sharon Bayly
  • Costume coordination: Richard Wolfe