Inside the Seed by Jason Rothery

Inside the Seed, is a re-imagining of Oedipus Rex as a modern-day tragedy. The play is set in a giant bio-genetics corporation that aspires to grow the perfect seed-The Golden Grain, to feed the world and end starvation. Deeply relevant, with a hard edge of comedy, Inside the Seed is passionately and unabashedly political and delivered with the tension, pace and energy of a thriller.

Inside the Seed was nominated for 5 Jessie awards, winning for Outstanding Direction and Outstanding New Script.

Photography by Daniel Martin

Critical Response

Inside the Seed is a riveting piece of theatre superbly directed by Richard Wolfe for Upintheair Theatre on a simple but very effective set designed by Jerguš Opršal. …this is a powerful cast of 8 and Inside The Seed is a compelling production of this world premiere … put this one on your menu.

Jo Ledingham – The Courier

Director Richard Wolfe’s mounting of the play’s premiere is assured. I very much appreciated Carl Kennedy’s work as Bryant’s associate, Cole. This actor inhabits his characters so thoroughly and confidently that you can’t help but relax when he’s on-stage. Patrick Sabongui also impresses with his subtle, strong, intelligent Bryant. And Jerguš Opršal delivers an upscale corporate set in a few masterly strokes.

Colin Thomas – The Georgia Straight

It’s a large cast for a sprawling story told in a small space. Here we have some very amazing actors, great production values and a great director. The production is stylish and passionately told. Director Richard Wolfe choreographs powerful stage pictures. Oedipus Rex was the inspiration for the play so the entire cast is on stage “Greek chorus-like” and react in unison at high points in the story.

The entire production looks and sounds great: set, lighting and video by Jergus Oprsal, evocative sound by Jordan Lloyd Watkins and blended but personalized costumes by Florence Barrett.

David C. Jones – Charliebois Post

Creative and Production Team

Director: Richard Wolfe
Set, Lighting and Projection Design: Jerguš Opršal
Featuring: Mia K Ingimundson, Carl Kennedy, Tamara McCarthy, Adele Noronha, Alison Raine, Patrick Sabongui, Dallas Sauer and Tetsuro Shigematsu.
Costume Design: Florence Barrett
Sound Design: Jordan Lloyd Watkins

Inside the Seed ran from October 2-12, 2013 at the The Cultch.