Rendition at Hive 2 — Conceived and Directed by Richard Wolfe

Rendition at Hive 2 was an original site-specific multi-media installation I devised and directed. It used sound, video and infra-red surveillance cameras to examine the personal culpability of torture and rendition in today’s perpetual war against terrorism.

Hive 2 takes its audience on a journey where magic and realism collide, in an exploration of disrupted reality. This was the Canadian premiere production.

Photos by Tim Matheson and Richard Wolfe (click an image for full size)

Critical Response

If you need proof that Vancouver is one of the most exciting theatre cities on the continent, head on down to Hive2. And get on it; Friday and Saturday are already sold out.

In a way, this event feels like the happenings that used to take place in the ’60s: it is one trippy, conceptually liberating party. 

Colin Thomas – The Georgia Straight

Artistic and Production Personnel

Directed and Devised by Richard Wolfe
Featuring – Dustin Boydell,
Tim Carlson – Lyric / Text
Pat Harrison – Video
Patrick Pennefather – Sound
Al Frisk – Set
James Foy – Production Manager
Schedamose – Lights