Between the Sheets by Jordi Mand

Pi Theatre presented a unique site-specific version of Jordi Mand’s Between the Sheets  in 2014. I staged the production in a real classroom at Admiral Seymour Elementary in Vancouver. We also took the show on the road to Victoria.  Between the Sheets is a nails-on-chalkboard lesson in fiction meets reality.

Drive to the school as the characters would have done. Park in the school parking lot and walk into the building as you might in the course of your normal lives. Feel the tangible presence of young children that were sitting at their desks just hours ago …


Critical Response

Director Richard Wolfe’s decision to move the play into a real grade three classroom is a brilliant one.  With the audience lining the walls of the classroom on three sides it not only puts us closer to the action, it also creates a heightened agitation as we are surrounded by countless reminders of the real occupants of the room and the impact their story has on at least one of them.

Mark Robins – Vancouver Presents

Pi Theatre has done some very theatrical shows over the years, but this time they have simplified and it was super-theatrical. Director Richard Wolfe has set it to great effect in Admiral Seymour Elementary School. There is no lighting design or sound design, just the hum of the lights in a small classroom decorated with children’s art and school projects. The one-hour show has the feel of a really spectacular Fringe show, but more professional and compelling.
David C. Jones – The Charlebois Post

Creative Team

Direction and Production Design by Richard Wolfe
Assistant Direction and Production Design by Alan Brodie
Featuring:  Caitriona Murphy and Stephanie Moroz
Stage Managed by Marijka Asbeek Brusse
Graphic Design by Kristen Johnson
Photography by Tim Matheson

March 2014.